29 octubre 2007

In The Groove

Archivado en: Arcade — SNiPeR @ 1:56 am

In The Groove has more songs and more features than ever before! ITG for PC/Mac is the perfect machine dance game for new players and expert players alike, with five difficulty levels, a fitness mode, and popular music by signed artists and rising music groups from around the world. The game is easy to learn, totally addictive, great exercise, and fun for all ages. * Over 80 songs: more than two hours of great dance music * Over 100 unlocks: try to unlock all of the songs, courses, modifiers, and step charts * 5 levels of play: perfect for novices, experts, and everyone inbetween * 1000s of modifier combos: make the arrows scroll exactly how you want * Full motion video backgrounds * 7 Modes of Play: Dance, Battle, Marathon, Tutorial, Fitness, Training, Editor * Full language translations for English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian * Create new steps for your favorite songs, and then export them to a USB key to take to the arcade!

Género: Arcade/Músical
Idiomas: Multi 5 – Esp,Ing,Ita,Ger,Fra


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